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A year ago we bought a new house with and old garage from 1957 that we have converted to a workshop, tiki-room and gift shop - with it's own seperate door from the house.

Located close to the city centrum of Skien; Hjartdalsvegen 8, 3723 Skien - Norway

We welcome all to the opening day - monday 20th of May a few hours from 1pm until 4pm

There will be tiki mugs, books, artwork, glass floaters, shirts, skateboards, Kit-Cat Klocks, lucky cats and more... a lot more - as we are doing a major spring cleaning with a large yard sale at the same time

Stay tune with the Facebook-event:

meme with cat inside computer. don't worry. this is real. i'm from tech support
meme with cat inside computer

Hello all cat lovers and tiki enthusiasts, after two years time was due to rebuild the websites www. and for a better product presentation for you customers and workflow for myself (yes, this is still just a hobby which should preferably not eat into my regular job and family situation with four children)

In 2012, I helped build the skate park at the world's first skateboard hotel in Rauland, Norway and in that connection I used a lot of what I had learned in high school with sales & service, by starting my sole proprietorship: Skateosaurus (org no: 998 200 717 VAT)

Since that time, the sole proprietorship has been an indispensable tool in many of my hobbies, from building skateboard ramps, to giving guided tours of historical cultural areas localy, painting pictures, acting and even some modelling, importing new goods as well as second-hand trade - with the right business codes and leaves.'

Therefore, I feel it is most orderly to have the legal name as the main domain, with the various focus areas as subpages, where the beginnings will look something like this: - sale of Kit-Cat Klocks where 10% goes to Redd Dyra Telemark - import and manufacturing of tiki mugs and more

Vintage shop - with books and treasures from my own collection

Showrell with glimpses from various acting gigs with my CV

All goods will be kept in stock in Skien and the following payment solutions will be available;

Klarna, Vipps business, Visa/Mastercard via as well as PayPal and Zettle

I look forward to the continuation and thank you for all the support, with kind regards, your friend: Jon Harald Aspheim

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